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Ask yourself, why does no school, ever, choose to publicly protest: “Us divest? Really? Why are you kids attacking your own school’s finances? Why don’t you go ask the government why its subsidizing the fossil fuel industry to the tune of billions of dollars? That’s where justice needs to be applied! Not here!”

Even the most wealthy universities on Earth simply comply! Why? Why do they choose to endure 1) the internal intrigue, 2) the public embarrassment, and, finally, 3) the financial losses which fossil fuel divestment causes? Why is there never a squeak or a whimper of government malfeasance much less a Planetary-pollution indictment?

Do we really believe, no school ever thought to send its divestment protestors to harass the government for subsidizing the largest industry destroying our health and safety? And further, how dare this “out-of-nowhere” writer hint “collusion” between Academia and the State!

But enough. Let’s round off with this: Why has World Academe chosen to bypass what amounts to the most stunning teaching moment in World history? That is, why continue to fail to publicly name the true culprits of the Climate Catastrophe roaring at us?

And is that even the beginning? What if this tactical exclusion of We the People has been going on for hundreds, even thousands, of years? First with church and State, then with Academy and State? But for now let’s just say: Most of the evidence is in, and the fundamental danger of it all is defined in the following book. Simply summed: The greatest enemy of Nature (and all things natural) is, and has long been, the nation/state! Yet why has Academy, globally, my fellow Climate
Rescuers, chosen to bypass this historical truth?

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